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01-Mar-03, 21:56
PLEASE, can anyone help, I'm trying to date a photograph. I need to know the dates of the Photographer's Business, Johnstone, Bridge Street, Wick. Your best guess would be O.K. if you state, "Best guess", i.e. Start and end dates of Business, it may still be there, I don't know.
Kind Regards, Gordon J. S. :eyes

03-Mar-03, 23:13
You could try writing to Ian Sutherland of the Wick Heritage Society. The Society holds the Johnston photographic archives. The business is no longer in existence but Mr Sutherland is probably your best bet.

The address is Bank Row, Wick, Caithness.

03-Mar-03, 23:35
Thank you kindly Sir, will do.

04-Mar-03, 22:16
The Johnston family took photographs in Wick between 1863 and 1977 - 3 generations of Johnstons.
my g grandfather was James Johnston (photographer) who died in 1922 and was married to Christina Cormack. My Grandmother was Annie Cormack Johnston d 1940 married to Daniel More.
The collections is now housed in Wick Heritage Centre. For more information you can find it on this site under CAITHNESS from the top row above and then MUSEUMS.
Hope this help.

04-Mar-03, 23:04
Tricia, Thank you Kindly, will do.
Regards, Gordon.