View Full Version : Sooty Mildew???

31-Aug-07, 07:55
One of my roses has some kind of gritty mouldy stuff on the leaves. I have scoured the internet and my rose books but can't really find something that is exactly like it. I am going to take some photo's and post them in a tic, so will be back. Then I want you all to look and see if you can identify it and help with a remedy. I have got some white oil that I am about to use, for a start.

31-Aug-07, 09:04
Here it is... What do you reckon it is???


31-Aug-07, 22:00
found this website, it may have an answer for you lollabelle

Rose Fungus - Rose Magazine (http://www.rosemagazine.com/articles04/rose_fungus/)

31-Aug-07, 22:07
Thanks for that, I had a look, still not sure if it is the same, but I will treat it as advised and see how it goes. The plant is quite healthy other than the stuff on the leaves, it's not dropping leaves or anything. In fact it is the only plant that hasn't had blackspot, and had to be denuded by me to get rid of it.

31-Aug-07, 22:19
heres another one, its on Holly but sounds the samr as yours and caused by Aphids
Plant Diseases: Black on holly leaves (http://en.allexperts.com/q/Plant-Diseases-715/Black-holly-leaves.htm) there is also a question section you could use