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Humerous Vegetable
21-Aug-07, 16:01
Does anybody else think it's been a really weird year for veg growing? I've had millions of peas, but not a single runner bean. I sowed 2 lots of parsnips, 1 at the end of April and another in May and not a single one germinated, but carrots, turnips and tatties have been brilliant. I've had 1 courgette from 6 plants and about 5 strawberries from about 30 plants.........but loads of rasps already. Can't really make much sense of what's happening this year at all. Has everybody else been much more successful than me, because it could be my green fingers got frostbite in June?

22-Aug-07, 22:05
I too have loads of peas, beans got battered by awful weather shortly after planting, a few strawbs, no raspsberries yet, about 6 courgettes from 6 plants, loads of carrots, parsnips looking good, leeks looking good, cabbage, cauli and broccoli have an uncontrolable invasion of all types of caterpiller, tatties fine, not cropped as well as last year, no currants at all (had lots last year), beautiful plump little gem lettuces!

23-Aug-07, 00:04
Was trying to work out what on earth "courgettes" were, googled for an image,and saw they are zucchinis. Mystery solved. I thought they may be some exotic new veg to try... :p

Tackity Boo
23-Aug-07, 13:59
My beans were a disaster, plenty of flowers but not a bean, however good crop of tatties, cabbage, leeks, carrots and lettuce. Herbs were good as well despite the lack of sun. Cucumbers coming well now although I was a bit late getting them going.