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David Adams
08-Feb-03, 21:40
Looking for information on Margaret Milne, born Thurso February 1780. Married George Shearer 1797 :D

John Page
23-May-03, 09:43
I have a little information on Margaret Milne and George Shearer, it runs to about 15 pages, rather than clutter the message board e-mail me direct and I'll send it to you.


John Page ([email protected])

Davie MacLeod
23-May-03, 11:33
I also have info on this couple.( more so Margaret)
Margaret born 2nd Feb 1780 at Howbornhead,Thurso
died 7th Oct 1879,at Shore Lane, Wick
Married 10th Nov 1797 at Bilbster or Thurso to George Shearer born about 1770. died before 1855. They had twelve off a family ! have them too.
Looks like same as been asked about, hope this off help

David Adams
23-May-03, 19:22
Hi Davie

Yes this is the same people. Their son Donald is in a line down to my wife. However I do not have much on Margaret Milne's ancestors. I believe thathHer father could have been William and mother Katherine but have little detail.
I have been in touch with a lady in Australia, via the Caithness Family Heritage Group, who has all the Shearer information.

Thanks for your info


23-May-03, 22:13
anyone help with Will Sandison married to Helen Shearer pre 1830 Canisbay. had a daughter Mary Sandison b 1830.

George Shearer b 1795 Canisbay was my ggg grandfather married Christian Malcolm.

David I would be interested in your contact in Australia for Shearers