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29-Jan-03, 15:56
I've managed to link my Budges (who ended up in Canada) with the Budges that went to Utah, USA) with the help of the Ancestral file from the LDS. The ancestral file (which is submitted by members of the LDS Church) states that John Budge (b. abt 1677) married Isobell (Unknown) (b. abt 1681) in about 1702 in Houstrydun, Caithness, Scotland. (Both are listed as being born in Houstrydun as well).

What I'm curious about and can't seem to find anything about this place called Houstrydun. A google.com search comes up with nothing. Can anyone shed some light on this? Where is/was it? Was it renamed or destroyed at some point in history?

If anyone can offer anything about this, I'd be very grateful!


Alastair Banks
29-Jan-03, 21:48
My guess would be Houstry about 2 miles west of Latheron.

Houstry Burn runs down to the sea at Dunbeath.

31-Jan-03, 19:08
Could this refer to 'Houstry of Dunn' which is in the parish of Watten.
It is located on the B870 road half way between Watten and Mybster (1 1/2 miles south of Loch Watten).
My father was born at Oldhall just north of Houstry of Dunn.

03-Feb-03, 17:19
Thanks for all the info! :)

I'm now fairly certain that Houstry of Dun is what some people have interpreted as Houstrydun.

Many thanks! I'm very grateful for all the help!!!