View Full Version : David McKay - "an Extraordinary Son of Caithness"

28-Jan-03, 12:18
:D Since my last posting I have found out through research and documents held that my Great Grandfather, "David McKay" was classed as a Caithness Hero. according to the Highland Archive. My great grandfather, fought for Scotland at the Secundrabagh war and received a Victoria Cross, which was pinned on by the Queen. He was awarded this for capturing a rebel colout. He was born in 1831 on a croft at Alterwall, Lyth and served in the regiment in the Crimea and in India his gallantrty at Lucknow. He married in Aberdeenshire (name unknown) and died in Lesmahogow at the age of 48 he was buried in a paupers grave was related to Major Angus Mackay. Robert Gunn also wrote about David McKay and I wish to contact this wonderful man who has given me hope in finding my roots. I would be very pleased if Robert Gunn of Wick could contact me through this message as I truly believe that we are related and long to find out all I can about my beautiful, beloved grandmother, whom I only met twice at the age of 3 and 9 years old, but who had a very lasting memory.

Please help me find my Scottish roots!!!

Veronica (nickname Bonnie) Brown :o)