View Full Version : Mr. William Budge/Margaret Ann,(Maggie),Morrison.

27-Jan-03, 19:12
Hello, My first post,
Forgive me if I have missed what may have gone before. is anyone aware of of a William Budge, could be born around 1880, who married my great aunt, Margaret Ann Morrison, (b. 14.07.1884), from Kirkwall. I believe they had 4 children, Daisy, Judith, Jimmy & Edith Budge. I have heard that one of the family worked at a lage house or castle at Thurso East, would there be or have been such a residence ? I think Edith, now Ross, and John, from Castleton, looked after Granddad, from Kirkwall, until his death in 1946 at Halkirk and was buried in St. Olafs cemetary, Kirkwall. Would Halkirk have been the local cemetary for the area ?(I'm wondering why Halkirk).

Regards, Gordon.