View Full Version : First & Best

30-Jul-07, 11:57
This is the first Rose I ever grew, and it was about 10 inches across. Huge and fragrant too. Shame the picture is not scratch & sniff. [lol]


31-Jul-07, 07:36
WOW Lolabelle!! That rose is even bigger than my head[lol]! Amazing!

02-Aug-07, 22:23
Is that the scented victorian variety known as "Mermaid?" Had 1 where I was brought up and the huge flowers always amazed me.

03-Aug-07, 01:15
I have no idea what it was called. It's a shame, because I have since killed it when I transplanted it into the garden. :cry:
I would have like to buy another, but it's all gone now.

03-Aug-07, 06:33
I wish your picture was scratch and sniff too, Lolabelle. The rose is a gorgeous colour, and I'd love to see a huge fragant one like that in reality! :)