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25-Jan-03, 10:25
Hi, Can anyone out there help me with checking an entry on the 1871 census that would cover the lybster area. Also the 1861 if that is possible. I am looking for the following and any other info that it proviedes within that household. JOHN BUDGE (head) MARY BUDGE (wife) CATHERINE BUDGE (daughter) age 15, there should be several other children possibly others with maiden surname of mother, BREMNER. I amy be wrong about the Lybster bit, I know the villages in your area are all fairly close together and I am not familiar with them. Many thanks in advance. Janette

Bill Mackay
02-Feb-03, 20:02
I can help with the 1871 Census
Place of Census Parkside, Lybster
John Budge Head Mar 47 Fisherman Latheron
Mary Budge Wife Mar 42 Latheron
Catherine Budge Dau Unm 15 Latheron
Ellen Budge Dau 13 Scholar Latheron
Donald Budge Son 10 Scholar Latheron

Hope this is of some help and sorry I don't have the 1861 Census

Bill Mackay

02-Feb-03, 23:05
Hi Bill,
Many thanks for information, that is a great help. :D Janette

03-Feb-03, 17:17
Hi Jan,

Through my searches on Scotlands People, I've found 2 things that may be of interest to you.

John Budge married Mary Bremner in 1849 in Latheron
John Budge (child of John and Mary) b. 1853 in Latheron

John wasn't listed in Bill's reply to you from the census, so it's possible that he died or married prior to the census taking.

Hope this helps!