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14-Jul-07, 03:43
I have tried a few times to add a picture to my signature and each time I get a message that the image cannot be saved, used or uploaded or something like that??? Can anyone tellme why,and how I can fix this??

14-Jul-07, 18:42
I'm not 100% sure but I think the best way is to store the signature image in the same way as you would photographs (i.e. in your photobucket or imageshack account) and then to past the IMG link into the signature box in your User CP.

15-Jul-07, 01:32
I don't think we are allowed to have pictures in our signatures anymore, I had one of the Howlin Gaels in min which is a local band and it got removed for me??

15-Jul-07, 07:49
I think it was one of the changes about 6 months ago. A number of business people were using it to advertise their businesses and there is a proper area for this.

'The mis-actions of a few will affect the lives of the majority.' :~(

15-Jul-07, 10:05
Some have still got them, I know Sporran has and she just recently had it changed to a lovely rose, which is what gave me the idea. I would like one too.:~(

16-Jul-07, 13:30
I'm pretty sure it is links in signatures which are not allowed, rather than pictures.