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13-Jul-07, 22:07
for a different but tasty change to carrots, try cooking them in Tarragon, once cooked, drain and toss in a small amount of butter, lovely

take a packet of salted nuts, add grated carrots and mix in with a tablespoon or two of mayonaise - great for barbeques or parties

place some fresh washed spinach in a dish and add a layer of ball mozerella cheese and a layer of fresh basil leaves and a layer of vine tomatos. place in an oven or microwave until cooked and serve with a variety of meals. you can also repeat the layers and have as a vegetarian meal. Alternatively, you can toss it all together in olive oil and eat as a salad.
and lastly, toast some chiabatta bread, spread with a thin layer of pesto sauce and add the layers as above - Delicious :)

Has anyone else got more culinary ideas for carrots or other veg ?

Margaret M.
22-Jul-07, 01:51
This sounds yummy! I love tomatoes and basil together.

22-Jul-07, 06:50
This sounds yummy! I love tomatoes and basil together.

I love the Italian trinity - slices of beef tomato, slices of mozzarella alternately arranged and basil leaves scattered over, then drizzled with good olive oil. Yummy!

28-Sep-07, 18:49
Baby Tomatoes on the vine roasted....actually most veg (bar carrots) are yummy roasted. Spray oil is ace for doing this.

10-Oct-07, 23:21
Cut ripe tomatoes in half, drizzle with olive oil, a sprinkle of salt and chuck some minced garlic on top, under the grill or better still in the oven!

I like mashing carrot and neep together with black pepper and butter, makes a nice accompaniment in the winter months