View Full Version : cat n kittens advice needed please!!!

11-Jul-07, 22:21
My wee cat has gone and given birth to her kittens (probably today sometime) in a hollow of a tree in a neighbours garden. the hole is in such an awkward place i cant get to it without risking life and limb to check on them.

is there anyway i can convince her to bring them home? i dont really wont to disturb her unless i have to, but its not the best place for the kittens once they start getting mobil, a good 6foot drop to the ground which i doubt theyd land on their feet for a while yet!!!!

any suggestions would be helpfull


11-Jul-07, 23:52
have sent you a pm

16-Aug-07, 06:11
kittens are now 6 weeks and for the first time actually saw one yesterday. by shear luck (and a bit or tree surgery!) i caught the little bundle of fluff, and while i took it inside mama cat arrived calling to them and my mum spotted 2 more little faces in the tree.
though mama cat is still providing milk,the wee one started quite happy on some kitten food last night, and mama is coming and going to see and feed baby,(they playing on my floor as i type,) so todays plan is to attempt capture of other two(and anymore there might be)

16-Aug-07, 15:24
just got back from school run to find the dog going frantic, and a rather damp and peeed of kitten cornered in the hallway outside the room where i have the first kitten, so mama cat must have decided to bring them home atlast!!!! just hope she brings the remaining one(s) home soon too.

and now she brought in number 3, 6 week old kittens are sooooooooooo cuuuuuute!!!!!!

and number 4 was brought in around 9pm !!!!!