View Full Version : Jane Bruce of Latheron

Davie MacLeod
17-Jan-03, 22:34
Looking for any info on line of Jane Bruce born about 1852 at Latheron? married Angus Keith (b 1848) at Latheron on 22 Dec. 1871.( this part correct just not 100% about her birth)
Anyone here have a connection to Jane? or her family.

10-Mar-05, 23:49
I have recently found a Jane Bruce born 30 Jan 1852 but it gives place as Pulteny. Her parents were David Bruce and Helen Malcolm. If David and Helen appear in your Keith couple's children's names, we should compare notes.

Davie MacLeod
13-Mar-05, 10:03
Do not have Jane's parents ( my brick wall) but if her and Angus's children and your details are same then it is the same. As you say married on 22 /12 /1871 -Latheron.
Children I have ( and not 100% if all correct ) is as well as Angus
William, Elizabeth. Donald, Jane, Robert, Adam and Barbara..
I have sent personal message with my email address if we are same line.