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10-Jul-07, 10:20
I am having a terrible time with blackspot on two of my climbing roses. I have cut the effected leaves off and sprayed, but it keeps coming back. I have about ten roses in the yard and only two have the black spot. I don't want it to spread. Any suggestions?

10-Jul-07, 16:51
If you can keep the leaves dry, the fungus won't spread as easily. Keep removing the affected leaves, even if your shrub looks stripped, and keep on the spraying regimen. Clean up fallen leaves completely. If you haven't beaten the problem by next dormant season, I would prune the shrubs down low, give them one last thorough spray, spray the surrounding ground area, and cross my fingers. If black spot survives those treatments, I would remove the infected shrubs to protect your other rose bushes. Good luck.

10-Jul-07, 22:22
Thanks Sassylass, I had read that humid and wet conditions are a major contributer to the problem and we have had a shocker of a year for rain. Which is good for the rest of the country etc as we have been in a huge drought for the last couple of years. So I will attack them again and I will try spraying all around them aswell.
Thanks again.

11-Jul-07, 00:06
Oh gosh, I had that awful stuff too. Must be an international malady.

I was never able to control it. I had beautiful roses. Well, beautiful in the sense that they were Mother's Day gifts from my children. Someone once gave me a bush as a thank you present. But it was infected and within 2 years the blackspot took over and killed all of my rose garden.

Vigilance is probably the only answer. Good luck.

26-Jul-07, 15:39
When I lived in England I had an awful problem with black spot on a rambler and a climber (Iceberg & Pauls scarlet).
I managed to get rid of it though by waiting for the pruning season at the end of the year, cutting it right, right back and then as soon as the new leaf and buds starting appearing in spring I literally smothered it every couple of weeks with a black spot killer. Certainly did the trick.

If it doesn't work for you though and you end up getting rid of it, don't forget not to grow roses on that part of the ground for a few years.

Good Luck!

17-Oct-07, 09:37
Just a bit of an update on my roses.
I chopped and trimmed and sprayed and ended up with blackspot on all of my roses, and then someone told me that you have to clean your secetaurs between each bush so as not to spread it. You guessed it, I had managed to spread it between about 15 bushes... :eek:

Then someone told Dave to wipe the blades with bleach between each cut! Bit of a pain, but I am very happy to announce that I seem to have knocked it and my roses are going great guns.
Thanks for all the help.


Just kidding, thats not my garden, unfortunately. It's at Hunter Valley Gardens.

19-Oct-07, 04:17
ooo Lolabelle you got me! I was impressed with your garden...well I'm still impressed by the garden, it's lovely