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09-Jul-07, 18:07
just to introduce you to our pup.. she is 9 weeks old and her name is bubbles. shes been an absolute dream since day one.. and even went straight into her crate the first night no bother!
however she does have a shoe fettish!! and will nick any and every one she can find! *G*

oh and her being brave!

09-Jul-07, 18:36
Bubbles is lovely! What kind of dog is she?

Hope you have many happy times together. :)

09-Jul-07, 18:49
shes a labradoodle
and full of beans.. *grins* little brat is trying to steal pizza as we type!"

10-Jul-07, 12:26
oh brandy she is soooo cute, we have a 7 year old coodle, and she looked just the same as that! she is huge now compared to bubbles (what a lovely name) we are frequently asked if she is an irish wolf hound?!? you forget how cute they are!! enjoy her. x

10-Jul-07, 12:53
what a cutie pie! alfie is 13 weeks now, like bubbles he steals everything! lol x

11-Jul-07, 17:06
Hi Brandy, love the photos of Bubbles but i get to see the real thing (living very near you and all ha ha) Every time i see her she is bigger, won't be long now till she is towering over Peaches. By the way, Burt is STILL !!!! sleeping in the hammock (as if you did'nt no) Oh my God, i don't believe it, he's up and heading for the kitchen to fulfill his other pastime, EATING !!! (snigger snigger) I love him really Brandy, every white furry hair of him. Will send him home later on as usual. Okay.

11-Jul-07, 18:49
yeah.. one day im going to be looking thru fotos and say.. don do you remember this white cat?
im pretty sure we Use to have one! *winks*
shes in her crate right now as she is begging as usual for nachos this time.. gave her cheese during the making of.. but told her no on the salsa!

she was out front with me this morning and a lady stopped in her car to admire her!! *wide proud grin* yes she is wonderful.. we can all bow at her HUGE paws now *laughs* the little witch.. i found a bottle brush, a shoe and an apple in her crate a while ago!!!
its a constant watch with her about!