View Full Version : Courtyard gardening

09-Jul-07, 16:41
Today I mastered putting a photo on this web site!

Ages ago I uploaded this pic onto Photobucket as a test - it's so amazing I thought I'd share it with you gardeners! I wonder which one of those ladies goes up and does the watering....?


09-Jul-07, 18:50
heavens to mergatroyd, it must take hours to water them all :eek:

Mother Bear
27-Jul-07, 23:07
Brilliant pic...thanks for sharing and well done for getting it on to the forum! lol. It is a pretty amazing courtyard...and well out of reach of rabbits, which is the problem I have with pots and tubs.

28-Jul-07, 04:54
Well done, Lavenderblue2! That courtyard is indeed amazing! :)

Any idea what country it is in?