View Full Version : Missing Kitten 11 Months

07-Jul-07, 13:08
My cat has been missing for 7 days now in the Barrock area. She is very small,tortoise shell and semi feral. We think she may have been spotted at the top of Burn Road next to Celtic Firs. She is also pregnant and did have a red collar on. If anyone thinks they may have seen her please call anytime on 07895085592. Thanks.

07-Jul-07, 13:20
really sorry your cat is missing, such a shame, how far on with her pregnancy is she? maybe she went off somewhere to have her kittens? hope you find her soon

10-Jul-07, 18:19
Hi sorry not been in touch before have been out every night looking for her! Still looking!!! Thankfully I have a couple of weeks yet to look before she has the kittens! Thanks for your words.