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04-Jul-07, 13:55
Does anyone know of, or can they recommend, an animal behaviourist in Caithness?

Having a few problems with a cat and I'm at my wits end. Thanks.

04-Jul-07, 14:26
What kinds of problems are you having with your cat?

04-Jul-07, 17:10
Our local vet recommended one to my friend but couldn't give her details of anyone overhere.

Good luck.I've heard they can completely turn an animals bad behaviour.

Wonder what the "naughty step" is to a dog?:eek:

04-Jul-07, 21:18
Basically he keeps peeing over the house! I have 2 cats, who go outside when we're home but are kept inside at night and when we're out as one of them can't use the cat flap. And whenever I go away for more than a few days, one of them pee's in certain places all over the house. He sometimes does it when we're at home aswell. The vet diagnosed idiopathic cystitis but we're certain its an insecurity thing as it happens more often when we're away (or in particular when I'm away as he's my cat). We've blocked off a lot of favourite places with cardboard but he still does it, and we've tried confining him to one room. Its driving me crazy as I seem to spend half my time scrubbing at pee stains on the carpets! He knows he shouldn't do it - hes done it a couple of times right in front of us, then he runs away. I was hoping that a behaviourist could suggest a solution.