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03-Jul-07, 12:25
Just wondering if there are any rules about the counter of posts may be. Just out of curiousity.

03-Jul-07, 16:21
Hi Lolabelle

If I understand it right, posts in the Game Threads & Jokes forum don't count towards your total - if you look at the Two Word game etc. in that forum you could easily rack up a couple of hundred posts there alone.

If that's not right then I'm sure someone will correct me :)


03-Jul-07, 17:22
Post 3:

And you must not string out a post into several posts just to increase your count.

Post 4:

It has a technical name which I can never remember.

Post 5:

Padding or somesuch.

04-Jul-07, 07:22
Thank you peoples, I think that must be what happened. I didn't realise that it was when I was on the games threads that it didn't move, but know you mention it, I think that must have been the case. Not that I was complaining mind you!!!:Razz