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27-Jun-07, 21:52
I would just like to say a huge THANKYOU to Carolyne Poulton of Labrescue, she has just helped to rehome my surprise litter of 10 Labrador crosses.
We had 5 golden and 5 black ones and without her help I doubt we would have found homes half as quickly as we did. She has visited all new homes to ensure the new owners know what they are letting themselves in for - I have heard that this is worse than a visit from the Social Services!! :)
She even arranged a 'puppy pack' for each new owner, containing Burns complete feed and plenty of information leaflets to help with almost any enquiry. Labrescue will even keep in touch with all the pups in their new homes for the rest of their lives which I think is absolutely fantastic!!
All pups bar one are in their new homes, the last little girl is just staying on with us for a couple of weeks as her new owners have builders in at the moment - will be sad to see her go as she has quite a character but I know she will have a great life ahead of her as she's off to be a Career Girl :)
Any way - Thanks again to Carolyne, Donna and anyone else who helps with the Labrescue - you are doing a cracking job - the dogs are so lucky to have you guys out there caring so much for them xx

27-Jun-07, 22:33
i can say that to they do a great job i have a black girl "summer" and she is so good and the pack is bril everything you need to know and i can email them if i need to know anyhting the burns food is great and they do poo less with eating the burns food and thats a good thing hehe will put photos on as soon as i find my cam thank you to summers mum and dad to :D

Michael .Sk
28-Jun-07, 17:03
Can,t agree with you more Labrescue does a wonderfull job, i was one of the lucky one,s and thanks to carolyne got Charlie. Who i might say is coming on in leaps and bounds. He is already house trained ( bar the odd accident due to no fault of his own) but he picked up straight away the treat reward for doing his business out side. Thank you for allowing us one of your pups we'll be forever grateful

28-Jun-07, 18:30
Well deserved praise!:D

Nice to be appreciated!

Well done Carolyne and co. You do a great job!:)