View Full Version : Is Casper In Your Area

26-Jun-07, 08:33
We have yet to find casper and are really worried now. We think he may have been nosey and gone into the back of a van or some sort of vehicle and maybe got shut in and jumped out at there next stop, we put flyers through doors in our area ( wick argyle square) and put up posters but still nothing. So if there is a very friendly ginger and white Adult tom cat in your area with a small cut on his left ear please check to see if its casper he is so friendly that he will let you rub his stomach as he lays on the floor Kids upset as they have been brought up with him so we hope to get him home soon.

26-Jun-07, 14:51
Hi GADC4474, i am really sorry to hear Casper has not returned home yet and i certainly will stay alert as we get quite a few cats coming and going all the time. A strange cat in the area sticks out and we (my other half and a neighbour tend to ask one another if we recognise it) so if he is seen around here, you will certainly get notified to come and get him. Fingers crossed.;)

27-Jun-07, 21:36
Thanks to everyone who was looking for casper he has been found safe but a bit thin.

27-Jun-07, 21:51
Thats great news:D

28-Jun-07, 12:09
Terrific news. Have sent you a pm. --- [lol]:lol:

28-Jun-07, 13:13
Brilliant news!!!!:):) Sounds like he has been shut in somewhere.