View Full Version : Casper the cat - any news?

25-Jun-07, 11:23
Hi folks, has there been any result in the missing cat called Casper? I stay not far from his home and have been on the lookout for him, (without any luck, i'm afraid) every day i check the org but there has never been any follow up. I myself have 6 cats and i know only to well how i would feel if just 1 of my girls went missing. Fortunately for me they all live indoors with us and so therefore we don't have to worry. Perhaps Casper is back home now and none the worse of his experience, i hope so anyway.;)

26-Jun-07, 08:22
There has been no sign of casper yet, we have posters up and put flyers round our area but still no sign of him. He is such a friendly cat that will go to anyone as he was brought up with the kids they really miss him.