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jim shoe
24-Jun-07, 14:32
Any ideas of what will grow in this

as everything we plants dies, a slow lingering and painful death, not unlike new labour and its spin.

we recently removed a rather ostentatious shed, and well we are in dire need of advice.

The only thing i can think is roses, but a few hundred roses at about 5.00 per rose is asking a bit much .

so any ideas what will grow will be appreciated[lol][evil]

I have accessed the internet, but what will grow down south will not necessarily grow here.

24-Jun-07, 17:54
Hi Jim Shoe.

You can improve greatly by adding compost (either bought or made) and sand. The amounts will very with the existing soil type. I have found 1/2/4 Sand compost/clay/ Very successful for veg. You end up with a very well worked and aerated soil.This is made easier by the use of a cement mixer. Dig out the clay. Mix together and put it back where it came from. It will give you a much deper bed thatn the amount you have dug out which is perfect for planting. It may need sieving. Hope this helps.

Edit. Thinking about it I reduced the sand to about 1/2 so it would be 1/4/8 ish

25-Jun-07, 05:32
Voice of Experience Speaking: It's well worth the trouble to amend the soil before planting. If you take the time to improve it now, you will save yourself much money and work in future.

26-Jun-07, 15:11
Give this site a try. I have found it useful in the search for plants....where they will grow and what goes with what.......Hope this helps