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Michael .Sk
24-Jun-07, 13:39
I Would like to say a very big Thanks to Ladrescue that helped us find a wonderfull lovely most enjoyable pup you could want, that has brought a lot of fun and laughter into our lifes. Thank you for your trust and thank you for all the help you gave thank you Carolyne.

And here he is


24-Jun-07, 15:09
He looks so sweet. I'm sure he'll lots of love and enjoyment to your family

24-Jun-07, 15:49
i am getting hes sister soon today can i just say how good the labrescue is and they are very very fussy who gets a lab or a any type of dogs they will come and see you they are worse than the soical servises they look at the needs of the dog and that is what you have to think of the dogs needs and not your needs if you dont have time dont have one the good side if you do get a lab or a dog from them then you get a good starter pack that gives you all you need to know about the puppy and a 2kg of burns food for the puppy its from a place called burns its dry food it will do for a long time and if you want more you can get though carolyne and it smells nice even my wee boy thinks it smells nice and he really doesnt like the smell so anything oh and you get a 5 off voucher with it as well so keeps you going and a nice wee pub to make sure you give just the right amount to your wee puppy go on give burns dry food a try i think you will like it and i know your dog will like it any way as soon as i get some photos i will post them on let me know what you think of burns food go on try it her brother is lovely to

24-Jun-07, 18:20
Aaaawwww Charlie is such a cutie! I feel all gooey now!:lol:

So glad he has such a great home where he will be loved.

Well done LabRescue for the great work you do!!!

24-Jun-07, 20:22
Awwww puppies :D Are you getting broody too Liz !! :lol:

24-Jun-07, 22:13
Awwww puppies :D Are you getting broody too Liz !!

Yep definitely!!!!:lol: Aaahhh that puppy smell and the noises they make!