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23-Jun-07, 12:50
I found this bush growing on the farm all the books i have looked at said this type of raspberry bush does not give out berrys until the autumn, has anyone else got these growing? I take it, it is a raspberry bush, what do u think?

23-Jun-07, 16:57
There was and still is a lot of the same kind of bushes, on the Castletown,Olrig/Durran road.

23-Jun-07, 18:18
I have loads of this growing in my garden and is called salmonberry. The birds like to eat the berries and help it to be seeded all over my garden, it also grows very quickly and can take over if you don't cut it back often.

Here is a link for more information about this plant http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salmonberry

23-Jun-07, 22:26
Thank you for the information, i had never noticed that bush growing there before.

23-Jun-07, 22:45
I think it's the above, they are native to Scotland and fruit June/July...it's a cousin of the raspberry and the two will also hybridise.

25-Jun-07, 04:41
Looks like salmonberry. Highlander, have you tasted them when ripe?

Defo not cloudberry which is much rounder shape and grows lower to ground, and the leaf is very different.

25-Jun-07, 19:27
they make good jam !