View Full Version : John Hoyland

13-Apr-01, 22:19
Can anyone please tell me if John Hoyland still owns the island of Stroma?

is he still alive - where can he be reached?

if not, who owns it now and how can I get in touch with the owner?

Bill Fernie
14-Apr-01, 03:05
Last Iheard the island of Stroma was owned by the brother of Charlie Simpson. Charlie lives just outside of Wick but I am not sure which farm his brother has. I know he has sheep on Stroma and visits regularly. He has a boat and takes people over from time to time by arrangement. Charlie would be able to tell you. His address is Newton Mains, Wick, Caithness and his telephone number is 01955 603660. From outside the UK use the international dialling code for the UK and drop the first 0 from the number above.

Hopethat helps. If you still need help I will phone Charlie from here as I know him but have never met his brother.