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22-Jun-07, 10:11
hello we got iur cocker spaniel a month or so ago he is now just over 10weeks, i know puppies bite and nip, but he seems to do it alot, and with having a 3year old i would like to know how to stop him, we have tried lots of things but he still does and sometimes he gets quite bad, help!!![disgust]

22-Jun-07, 11:11
when our boxer was small she gave a nasty nip so I bit her back on the ear:confused she never bit again:lol:

22-Jun-07, 11:13
Next time it nips give a loud shout and scream no ! he will so get the message that it is wrong.

22-Jun-07, 11:23
tell her off when she does it and also when she trys to bite push her lip onto her teeth to let her feel that biting hurts, puppys bite though its there way of exploring what they can and cant touch, you need to eductae it so it knows whats what.

22-Jun-07, 12:01
Hi Ash,

Play biting is very natural. Here's a good link regarding bite inhibition... it worked for my boy and he's now very soft mouthed.


Good luck Ash

22-Jun-07, 12:27
thank u everyone, will try everything!

22-Jun-07, 12:37
This is one of those subjects where everyone is going to have a different opinion of what should and shouldn't be allowed. You have to decide yourself what you will tolerate.
IMO any kind of biting or nipping whether in play or not should be discouraged. A bite that you find tolerant and ok might not be the same for the next person and if your dog grows up thinking its ok to bite or mouth even just a little is IMO asking for trouble, especially nowadays when even a dog running at you in play can be misconstrued as aggression.

I know people who have bitten back and say it works extremely well although I've never tried this myself. Some may say that's cruel but not in a dogs world it isn't.
You have to discourage the behaviour everytime your pup does it.
Someone else I know even yelped and pushed the dog away and refused to play - apparantly it worked.
At the end of the day you have to decide what is acceptable to you and your family and stick to the reprimanding religiously, especially if you have young children.
Your pup is at a very informative age, it's taking in everything and learning every day what it can and can't get away with. Get it right now and you'll end up with a dog that knows it's place in the pack and is a joy to have around. Get it wrong though and things really can go pearshaped - even a spaniel has the ability to behave nastily if it feels the situation warrants it.

One of the most important things is to socialise it as much as possible. Go to puppy classes, take it to the town as much as possible and just let it get used to people in general.
If people (especially kids) want to pet it don't let them do it until they are calm and your pup is calm. If screaming kids that think the pups sooooooooo cute cause a stressful situation you can bet your bottom dollar that it will become an issue in you and your dogs life just because you'll panic / worry / fret everytime that same situation arises. If your pups calm and the kids are calm let the dog go to them (pack leaders don't approach first) and let them pet your pup. If you ever feel it's getting out of hand and everyones getting too excited and your dog's reacting to that in an excited way, take it away till it calms down.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, gone on a bit haven't I!!! lol.
I'm sure you'll do a sterling job with your pup, I just can't stress enough why my personal belief is to not tolerate any kind of biting whatsoever.

Good luck with your cutey pie puppy.:):)

22-Jun-07, 17:45
Hiya, you may want to try giving a stern no or squeel when he nips and then show him one of his toys/chews that he is allowed to bite on. The squeeling is the same type of noise his litter mates and mum would make if he was to bite and hurt them.

Hope he stops soon!!

24-Jun-07, 01:42
As well as the other idea's the one that i've found useful for most bad puppy habbits is an old coke tin with a few pennies in it and the top taped shut.
As the pup does something he shouldn't be you give the can a hard shake and there is something about the noise that dogs don't like and it stops them in their tracks.
It works very well with my two dogs and my youngest dog is still quite hyper and he's 3 [disgust]

Above all you have to be persistent and consistent in your training. They soon learn aslong as you stick to what your teaching them and the way you teach it. It doesn't take long and is well worth the effort