View Full Version : missing cat solved

22-Jun-07, 00:03
My cat had been missing since december always kept my eyes peeled every day for him was sure somebody had him he was 9 months old, chubby pure white with a multi coloured tail, and then sat morning 9am the dredded call village officer found cat just a 100 yards from my house knocked over ,trying to come home i think:(:(

22-Jun-07, 08:41
Oh that is so sad; one of the down-sides of having a pet isn't it? But I do hope it won't stop you giving another puss a loving home.

22-Jun-07, 09:06
Thanx no it wont at all,i have to cats protection rescue cats just too.

22-Jun-07, 09:55
that is so sad:(

22-Jun-07, 18:10
So sorry for your sad loss.:(

I suppose it is better to know what happened so that you can grieve rather than always wonder what happened to him.

Wish it was a happier ending though.