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17-Jun-07, 19:51
hello everyone we got our puppy alfie 3weeks ago, we followed breeders instructions on feeding our cocker spaniel, weetabix for breakfast, dog mix for lunch and scrambled eggs for dinner, we started to not always give him weetabix or scrambled eggs, and stick to dog mix, but he seems to be constanly hungry, can anyone help please!!!

17-Jun-07, 20:37
Most puppies have good appetites, its a sign of a healthy dog. However, constantly eating wont be doing him any good. Has he been wormed? If not, take him to the vet and get wormers for him.
I would also think that you should by now be looking to wean him off the weetabix and get him onto a puppy formula complete meal.
I stop feeding weetabix to my puppies at 6 weeks old, and by the time they leave at 8 weeks they are fully adapted to complete dry foods.
He should be getting 4 meals a day at this stage, dropping to 3 meals when he is about 6 months old.

17-Jun-07, 20:40
he not getting weetabix anymore and is on pedigree mix for puppies, we were told to feed him 3times a day

18-Jun-07, 08:55
He should be on 4 meals a day as previously mentioned, you could try bulking his feed up with cooked chicken and rice or cooked veg, as long as he's not underweight and he's not got the runs or is being sick and is lively and happy I wouldn't worry too much, what breed is he?

18-Jun-07, 09:03
thanks for all advice, he is a cocker spaniel, he isnt under weight just seems to be very hungry, when we are eating, epspecially when my 3year old is eating im putting him out the room as he tries to get food

18-Jun-07, 11:21
Cockers are really really greedy. I don't just mean as a pup but forever! Feeding your pup four times a day should help and don't take too much notice of the label on the bag that is an 'average' feeding guide. Like babies some need more some less. If your pup eats all the food you put down ( and you're not leaving the dish down all the time are you!) then put a bit extra in next time if it leaves some don't put as much in. You will soon sort feeds out