View Full Version : Dog shot dead by police

16-Jun-07, 16:58
Please take the time to visit this link

16-Jun-07, 17:55
Oh this is awful!!!! The media frenzy re 'dangerous' dogs seems to be getting out of hand and provoking reactions like these.

To kill a dog which was just frightened is just totally OTT!!!

Thanks for bringing it to our attention Gary even though it makes me really sad :( and angry!

21-Jun-07, 14:09
This is terrible, I was nearly in tears at my desk at work reading and watching that website.

I agree in police stopping people from using dogs for dog fighting, it is the people that treat their animals badly and don't train them correctly that should be tackled, after all if the dangerous dogs that they talk about are actually trained to fight and be nasty whereas any normal person who had a loved dog and looked after it properly and trained it would not have this problem.

My parents have 3 Staffordshire Bull Terriers and people tend to avoid them and walk as far away as possible from them as they are scarred that they will attack them, I wish people wouldn't be so naive, these 2 staffies are the softest lumps you could ever imagine and I would trust them with every inch of my life and if I had children I would trust them with those too.

Sorry rant over!

21-Jun-07, 15:32
Thats a terrible story, I signed the petition.

I understand there has to be laws in place regarding so called "dangerous" dogs but to shoot a dog in cold blood that had harmed no one is absolutley sick. She was probably a danger at that time, simply because she was frightened, but there were dog wardens there who were willing to deal with her, there was no reason for her to be killed.

16-Jan-08, 11:28
Hi I am new to this site. I hope it's not late but I ahve signed the petition. I was absolutely heartbroken to read this. All this poor dog needed was some understanding which some humans do not seem to have the desire to do.
May he run free at rainbow bridge and may those who did this act feel shame!

16-Jan-08, 18:29
Disgusting! Probably used as target practice for bored coppers! I know i shouldn't say that as it's probably not true but what else are the public to think when there was no apparant attempt by the police to bring the dog by any other means.
I completely understand if the dog had been running amock and had attacked someone but that wasn't the case in this instance.

19-Jan-08, 10:06
Mastifs are terrible to rehouse, they freak out and take off. My sister and her husband have spent many a night driving the streets trying to capture dogs they have just sold. They are so fussy on who buys their dogs and give strict placement instructions, but I don't think some folk realise the seriousness of how they stress so badly when moving to a new home. The worst dog for this that I've ever heard of.