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David Adams
31-Dec-02, 11:17
Does anyone have any information on Elizabeth Sutherland/Sinclair ALexander Mackenzie who married probably later 1800's in Latheron/Dunbeath area. They rsided at Hilton Latheron


07-Sep-03, 05:52
I have a Christina Sutherland in my tree(no dates). She Married John Phimester(no dates) I would guess they would be born around around 1830 ish. They ony have one son that I know of and his name was Alexander born arround 1860's.. I can not find any information about them at all, so I am searching all the message boards to find connections..


Rachelle Clayton

14-Sep-03, 10:01
I was born & raised on the croft next door but one to Hilton 50 yrs ago. Occupants at that time were a man and his two sisters called Mackenzie. He was known as Jock O sinks so could be a connection. He had a nephew or something from Wick called Sandy Leith (I think) who had a young family so there should still be some of them about.
Try Lorna Leith on friends reunited, Latheron School.

26-Feb-08, 14:02
I have a Jean Sutherland Who married a Donald Bain in the late 1780's early 1790's. They had a daughter Helen in 1793 who married an Alexander McKenzie. Any relation?