View Full Version : lost dogs, 2 border terriers missing

16-Jun-07, 10:03
Our two border terriers have gone missing in the Westerdale/ halkirk area, it is a bitch and dog, bitch is in season. They have not been handed in anywhere yet, so if you see them, could you please email or telephone 07895 050166. Your help is much apprieciated.:(

Mother Bear
16-Jun-07, 13:11
Oh that's sad. Hope they come back soon. Have they wandered off before? Will keep my eyes peeled over that way.
From another B/T owner.

16-Jun-07, 22:35
Hope you find your dogs, youc an register them as lost on


Lets us know when you have news.

17-Jun-07, 19:37
No news yet, please keep looking everyone, thankyou for all the messages of support.

17-Jun-07, 22:52
I keep checking in hoping for good news and am so sorry to hear that they have not been found yet.

It must be such a horrible time for you and I really, really hope they turn up safe and well soon.

20-Jun-07, 21:53
I'm hoping no news is good news ?? Any word yet? :confused

21-Jun-07, 10:05
They are still missing, we are obviously very worried as time goes on, please keep your eyes open for us, Thankyou all so much for the messages of support, and the telephone calls of possible sightings.

21-Jun-07, 12:12
have you contacted any of the internet services for lost pets? http://www.nationalpetregister.org/index.php They are very good. Maybe it would help to post pictures of them also

22-Jun-07, 10:02
Wonderful news! Our two border terriers appeared on our doorstep at 7.30 this morning. We are delighted!. They appear clean , dry and not hungry, so where they have been I have no idea. I would like to thank everyone who has been so kind, all our friends and neighbours who have helped us search,Bill Fernie for his help posting, All the people who took the time to post/telephone, and the local shops for putting up notices. It has made us realise how lucky we are to be living amongst such nice people, thankyou everyone!:D

22-Jun-07, 11:01
That is brilliant news !! I love a happy ending :D

22-Jun-07, 11:09
what fantastic news:D

22-Jun-07, 13:02
Absolutely chuffed at the good news!!!:lol:

Wonder where the wee rascals were?:roll:

25-Jun-07, 08:59
Just like to add that the dog has got a nasty rope burn on his neck, so has definately been tied up somewhere, but just glad that they are back!

25-Jun-07, 09:04
hey glad they are home, hope there ok! :D

25-Jun-07, 09:12
the ropeburn sounds nasty and definately points to someone having had them:eek:

25-Jun-07, 23:43

Fab, welcome home wee wonderers:D

10-Jul-07, 12:10
what wonderful news - we have a wee border terrier called archie and would be broken hearted if he disappeared (although he does have the habit of disappearing at a high rate of knots at the slightest sniff of rabbit...)

lele x

11-Jul-07, 13:31
so happy for u to get ur babies back.
i would be distraught if any of my dogs went missing.

hope the rope burn heals fast.wee souls.