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31-Dec-02, 02:28

David Adams
31-Dec-02, 11:10
I wonder if there is any connection in your Manson's with either Helen Manson who married a William Henderson (probably around mid 1800's) or a William Manson who married a Johan Sutherland probably around the same time. They had a daughter Anne Manson.

David :o)

01-Jan-03, 00:41
I have checked and find that although the name WILLIAM MANSON does appear a few times, all mentionings are too early or too late to be connected.
"Helen" does not appear in the Manson liniage as it is not a name used in that accendance and I can find no connection with William HENDERSON (although there is one Henderson listed) and "Anne" is not the spelling used in the same line. ANN or ANNA appear but again too early or late to be connected.
Not very helpful I know but are you aware that if you're following a MANSON line, there are only TWO true Caithness Manson liniages and they stem from Murkle and Canisbay. They remain quiet separate even though they are close together geographically. If it is Mansons at Murkle let me know if you fathom out the problem with the 2 John Mansons resident at the 2 Whitefields of Murkle and Olrig in 1717, cheers and happy hunting!