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08-Jun-07, 22:05
I just wanted to recommend this website www.petdrugsonline.co.uk for Front line flea and tick treatment like you buy at the vets. Usually I pay around 20.00 for a pack of 3 for large dogs 20 - 40kg, you can buy it from this website with free postage and packing for 25.46 for a pack of 6, quite a saving, mine arrived in 4 days and they also do packs of 3 for about 15.00 (saving 5.00 from what I'd pay at the vets) and all the other sizes, small dog etc.

They also sell Advantage flea treatment and Drontal worming tablets plus loads of other stuff (some like the new Frontline Combo and antibiotics you need a prescription for) plus stuff for cats and other animals.

09-Jun-07, 21:06
Have you used them Neepnipper? Not the frontline the website.

09-Jun-07, 21:15
I've used them and found them to be excellent.

09-Jun-07, 22:26
Yes I have, I ordered a 6 pack of Frontline for large dogs and it arrived 4 days later, very good service and with 6 dogs I'm saving 90.00 a year!

10-Jun-07, 13:27
Thanks Neenipper for that address, I'll definately change to them. I have six cats and i always use Bestpetpharmacy for frontline and have done for a long while as they were the cheapest i knew, their delivery is 3-4days as well and at no cost to the customer. I just checked their website and for a pack of 6 pipets it costs 18.17 and on your recommended one it is 17.05 (a saving of 1.12) thats a saving of 13.44 per year. Thanks again for that Neenipper.

10-Jun-07, 13:30
Sorry Neepnipper for getting you name wrong. I will pay more attention in the future. Ha Ha.

21-Jun-07, 12:56
Just found an even cheaper website for Frontline! www.hyperdrug.com pack of 6 20kg - 40kg is 23.30 free p & p. I havn't used them yet but my friend has and says they're very good!