View Full Version : Help Find Marley!

08-Jun-07, 17:53
just a quick one guys!
marley my mates dog has gone missing! he ran out about 4:30 today and hes not in any of his normal spots! his dad has just went out looking again and help would be greatly appreciated!!
he is from nicholson street.. and is an old mannie.
i have enclosed a pic.. so if anyone has seen him please let us know!
hes friendly but still pretty fast.. thanks

08-Jun-07, 18:03
Hope Marley is found soon!

Did your friend contact the SSPCA at Balmore in case the dog warden picked him up? Also worth trying the Vets surgery.

08-Jun-07, 18:09
have called the sppca and police.. so they are keeping an eye out.. hes 10 years old.. so not a pup any more! but he went over a stone wall to get out so still quite spry! when hubby gets up im going to go out in the car and have a look for him

08-Jun-07, 18:12
Crikey he certainly is spry!:lol:

Is he neutered? If not, he could be in pursuit of a bitch!

Could be worth contacting Caithness FM to ask them to broadcast an appeal.

08-Jun-07, 18:38
marley has been found.. in my back garden! silly dog.. hes here in the house now waiting for his dad!

08-Jun-07, 18:42
That's great news Brandy!!!:D

Think they'll need to build a higher wall!:lol:

08-Jun-07, 18:54
did marley get out the front garden ? the back garden wall is about 5 foot high!