View Full Version : franchise/self employed idea

06-Jun-07, 22:22
what a great idea (http://www.dialadogwash.com/dadwservice.html)

maybe one of the local groomers might take it up - less stressful for the dog having to travel to get a shortback and sides :eek:

07-Jun-07, 09:37
we had one of these in the area we used to live. I never used it but I think it was quite popular. There was also a wash and go one outside the local pet shop, it had the drier and everything.

12-Jun-07, 10:25
I have not have that good a result from using a dog washing service. I have used a couple of different ones and they mostly just give them a hose off in my opinion.
I like to give 'em a good scrub.
Hope the dog washers are better in the uk, than here in au.