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David Adams
22-Dec-02, 20:48
I am trying to trace a line from James Farquhar b 31.3.1870. His mother was Margaret Nicol and her parents were Andrew Nicol and Catherine Mackay. Can anyone help? :D

02-Jan-03, 12:33
I am wondering if you have the date of birth and county that Catherine Mackay was born. There may be some connection with my Grandmother. Please reply. :confused

David Adams
02-Jan-03, 12:46
Hi Veronica

I am just gathering info at the moment and am at early stages. However I am making some progress. Catherine Mackay married Andrew Nicoll in Thurso on 22/1/1842. However I have not yet found her parents, where born etc.
Their daughter Margaret Nicoll married a Donald Farquhar in WIck on 21/9/1869. Their son James Farquhar then married a Helen COrmack Mainland and their daughter Margaret Nicoll Farquhar, born in WIck 10/1/1890 was my grandmother. My sister has the name Margaret Nicoll.

If you have any info I would be delighted to receive it and, if there is a connection with your research, I will gladly pass on anything else of interest.

With best wishes for 2003


02-Jan-03, 12:57
Thank you David for responding so quickly. I must admit that it may be a long shot, but I am also related to Mckay's of the names: George who had daughters Elizabeth and Ann Gunn McKay. They came to Australia in the mid 1800's and settled in Boonah, Qld and married into the Alcorn Family. Sorry David this gets more complicated as it goes along, but any connection I can find of my grandmother's family, is a real bonus as I have extremely limited information. But I do know that the McKay's that married into the Alcorn family came from Thurso in Caithness. I suppose that's a start.

Thanks again and if either of us come up with any information we should contact each other as it may seem silly at the time but it could be the key.


David Adams
02-Jan-03, 14:34
Hi veronica

I have had a quick look on 'family search' and find and Anne Gunn Mackay born in Thurso on 26/2/1856. Elizabeth was born at Latheron 26/8/1859 (some 20 miles south of Thurso). The parents being George and Johan Gunn, hence Anne's middle name.
They were married in Thurso 26/2/1856.

In family search there is a bit of a family tree for possible parents for George, born 13/6/38 born at Latheron which may tie in with Elizabeth being born in Latheron.

None of the above is a positive check but if you go into the family tree site then you may be able to match things up.

Hope some of this proves useful


02-Jan-03, 23:14
Thankyou so much David you are a real gem. This helps immensely and I am sure that these McKay's link with my grandmother somehow. :lol: I will try the site you suggested. Thanks again and have a wonderful 2003.

Best Regards