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05-Jun-07, 13:13
Our puppy just got his 1st Jab yesterday a 8 weeks old & also gave him his worming power (panacur) The poor wee man was sick a few times yesterday after & I believe this is due to the worming power. We were not told to wait until the next day or to expect him to throw it back up. The way I see it, if it is the powder that made him sick then there is no point in giving it to him. If it is not in his system then it is not going to do its job & kill the worms. Has anyone come across this before and if so is it the worming power and is there an alterative?

05-Jun-07, 19:33
try drontal tabs when he is big enough! more expensive but dont come back up!

05-Jun-07, 19:44
how much paracur did you give him, could it be that he has been overdosed? from what I can remember its something like 0.5ml per lb body weight

06-Jun-07, 14:18
Some vets are not very good at advising new owners! You shouldn't worm your dog at the same time as vaccinations as it is too much for the system to cope with. Leave it several days before worming.

My dog always cried when given Panacur and Drontal. We then tried Lopatol and it suited her perfectly. Guess what, Lopatol is stocked by the vets but is much cheaper than any of the other worming preparations. Give it a try and advise the vets that it upset your pup.

Have you thought of trying a natural holistic wormer?