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16-Dec-02, 00:10
Hi, I am looking for any information on the following as i can't seem to get any further back:-

Sinclair Manson - m - Elizabeth Calder (24/9/1831)
I am trying to find out any further family...

They had 3 childred Janet (B22/9/1833), Elizabeth(B around1840) and George (B12/8/1842)

I believe Elizabeth married Alexander Moir at Pulteneytown, Wick on 18/10/1866.

Janet Manson married James Sutherland of Latheron (27/1/1860) James parents were Magnus Sutherland and Christina Gunn.

James and Janet had 13 children one is William Miller Sutherland who is my great grandfather and he married Georgina Bremner Sutherland who lived in Smithy Cottage, Ulbster.

Georgina's parents were Alexander Bremner and Jane Sutherland who married on 23/12/1870.

If you know of any connections can you please let me know.

Thank you.


30-Dec-02, 23:58
Could be that the Alexander Moir you mention is actually MORE.
Quite often in my family the MORE was taken as MOIR.
Alexander More born 1838 to James More and Janet Forbes.
Alex married Elizabeth Manson and had 3 children that I have recorded. Jessie d age 4 Alex d age 25 approx and another Jessie.

Alexander More b 1838 is my 1C3R.
Let me know if you have any thoughts on this. I would be interested in the Manson line and also Sutherland.

Tricia Barnett

Born in Wick - Patricia MORE.

01-Jan-03, 18:49
I have now found out that Sinclair Manson's parents were David Manson and Janet Oman married in Thurso 1798. David I believe was a weaver.

They had 10 of a family, Sinclair(b/c22/2/1799), Jannet, Betty(b1803), George(b/c 24/8/1805), Henry(b/c 15/12/1807),Henry(b/c 26/9/1810), David(b/c 16/10/1812), William(b/c1/4/1815), Elizabeth(b/c 5/7/1817), and Robert(b/c 11/12/1820) all born between 1799-1820.

David Manson's parents were Henry (Harry) Manson and Elspet Oman.

They had 4 of a family, David, Katherine, Sinclair, Robert

Janet Oman's parents were George Oman and Janet Taylor. They had 5 of a family, Janet, Mably, Margaret, George, John.

I am now trying to locate information on any of these families.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



04-Jan-03, 20:41
You can view what i have so far at this link.