View Full Version : doodle owners!

28-May-07, 23:35
just curious how many peeps up here has a doodle?
i know of a couple.. but have heard they are several!
would love to hear from you and to hear about your doodle and how you get on!

29-May-07, 08:29
I've got one! he was a year old last week. He's 2nd gen doodle, which means both his parents were doodles. Also got an 11 year old lab and there is little to choose between them in temperment. They are very intelligent and need lots exercise - ours is like the duracell bunny, just keeps on going and going and going!

My kids are in their teens but when he was a puppy he did chase the kids and nip them when they were running around in the garden playing with them, which we soon put a stop to but you would need to be very careful with your wee ones (but the same could be said of any young pup)

All in all, he is a delight to have :)

If you are ever in Thurso, let me know and you can meet him for yourself to get a better look at him to see if this is the kind of dog you are looking for


lynne duncan
29-May-07, 08:32
there are 2 in the streets next to us one is black and the other is as above a cream one, know the cream one he is a gorgeous big soft lump who is a big scaredy cat and unfortunately does cast much to his owners annoyance

29-May-07, 08:35
yes, just read your post "got a pup" Bailey does cast too so please don't assume that your kiddie won't still react to the puppy. The closer the coat is to a poodles then there is less chance of being allergic to it

29-May-07, 08:50
ben has outgrown his allergy, so less casting was just an added bonus..