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Alice Blue
13-Dec-02, 23:05
Is anyone able to tell me if Louisburgh Street still exists? My father was born at # 33, in 1907. Thank you.

Colin Manson
13-Dec-02, 23:35
Yes Louisburgh Street still exists, it's just down the road from where I live. I'll see if I can get a photo of No 33 for you. :D

Colin Manson

Alice Blue
24-Dec-02, 02:13
:D Thank you so much! I hope it's not too much trouble to post the picture. I really just checked in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year...

Now, where do I go to view the picture, please?

25-Jan-03, 06:09
Hiya Colin.

I was wondering if it would be possible to photograph 38 Louisburgh Street as well?

I have several ancestors who lived in that house and I'd be more than willing to pay for your time and effort. :)

G Budge

Alice Blue
07-Feb-03, 01:58
Thank you so very much for all efforts to answer my query re #33 Louisburgh Street. This is the address given on my father's Birth Certificate.

I would particularly like to thank Harry Gray for providing me with details of this street address. I notice one of the homes was occupied by a Margaret Omand...note (d)...my maiden name was Oman.

Thanks again...I really appreciated the information.

Colin Manson
07-Feb-03, 17:21

Sorry I haven't gotten around to taking the photos yet but I'll try to get them done this weekend :D


30-Mar-03, 17:12
Hi Colin... just bumping this up as a reminder...


Colin Manson
30-Mar-03, 18:24

Good idea, I forgot as usual. Well I'm going on holiday tomorrow so I suppose there is no time like the present. Be back soon :D

Colin Manson
30-Mar-03, 19:37
Lo again,

Ok I have a problem, I can't find 33 or 38 :~(

If anyone can point me in the right direction then I'll take some more photos as soon as I return. Or do the houses no longer exist? Someone will know ;)

Here is what I have. Click on the Picture Title for a larger image in a new window.


Number 24 (http://homepages.lobstermail.co.uk/zenkai/ls24.jpg)
St Fergus Court (http://homepages.lobstermail.co.uk/zenkai/stfc.jpg)
Unknown Number (http://homepages.lobstermail.co.uk/zenkai/lsuk.jpg)
Number 48 (http://homepages.lobstermail.co.uk/zenkai/ls48.jpg)
North Side of the Street (http://homepages.lobstermail.co.uk/zenkai/lsnorth.jpg)
27/29Ashley Court? (http://homepages.lobstermail.co.uk/zenkai/fc27.jpg)
Nethercliffe Hotel (http://homepages.lobstermail.co.uk/zenkai/nchotel.jpg)
South Side of the Street (http://homepages.lobstermail.co.uk/zenkai/lssouth.jpg)

Robert S. McCutcheon
25-Jun-03, 20:50
My great-great-great-grandparents, Alexander Calder and his wife, Isabella Groat lived in Louisburgh Street circa 1830 till her death in 1880. He was a shoemaker to trade. Is there a hairdresser's shop in Louisburgh Street ? As I have it in my mind that was on the site or could even be the building where they lived.

Alice Blue
14-Mar-04, 15:32

Better late than never!

Thanks Colin for the pictures of Louisburgh Street; I really appreciate it. Although I've never been to Wick I feel as if I have!! Thanks for the tour.