View Full Version : Problem with House Rabbit

28-May-07, 21:17
I have a 5 month old female house rabbit who has been litter trained from the word go and would never use the toilet anywhere else other than her litter tray within her cage.

Over the past few days she has began using the toilet at both the front and back doors of the house when I allow her to run around. I have noticed that she is also rubbing her chin on most things, marking her territory and think that this toilet behaviour may have something to do with this.

Does anyone know why she may be doing this and how I can discourage and stop her from doing this without shutting her in her cage indefinately??


28-May-07, 22:02
she is becoming sexually mature and telling you all about it. watch her and when she goes to do it give her a spray with water from a spray bottle and put her to her tray. Are you sure it's a doe??

02-Jun-07, 08:48
We had a similar problem.Our rabbit also chewed wires! and chased one of our cats that she took a liking to! She wouldnt leave him alone! Poppet now has a hexagonal metal run in the sitting room and when she does get out she runs back to the litter tray when she is needing:)