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20-May-07, 10:59
I may be reporting 'old news' here but last week whilst watching Rick Stien's section on Saturday Kitchen I wondered about his dear little dog Chalkey.

Those of you who have watched Rick Stien’s programs will know that Chalkey has seemed to have been around for such a long time and was always a feature in every film.

I contacted Rick's web page and asked about Chalkey and a few days ago received a reply.

Quote - Unfortunately poor old Chalkey went to the great rabbit hunting territory in the sky in January 2007; he was 17˝. Rick and his family were extremely sad to lose him but he had had a wonderful life traveling the length of Britain with Rick.

17˝ was a great age don’t’ you think? Surly it was all that good food that he was fed by Rick along the way…


20-May-07, 13:41
Aaawww that's sad news about Chalkey but he got to a good old age and had a great life.
He was right wee character.:lol:

I don't think he actually belonged to Rick though but can't remember whose dog he was?