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12-May-07, 15:25
Has the kennels at Dunbeath changed hands? I know it was up for sale a while ago just wondered if it was sold. Has anyone put their dogs in there recently? Is it a good place to leave your dogs?

12-May-07, 22:41
We always put our husky out to Grahams and it's fine. Grahams really nice, looks out for the dogs and treats them well.
I didnt know it was up for sale??

12-May-07, 23:19
There was a place called Ramscraig for sale but it wasn't Ramscraig Kennels.

I haven't personal experience of leaving my dog in the kennels but would be happy to do as I know that Graham looks after them really well.

I have had a good look when taking my dog Benjy out to Paula to be groomed and the kennels look nice and it is situated in a good place with a nice exercise area and I saw Graham take the dogs out to be exercised and they all looked really happy.

13-May-07, 09:31
anyone got contact details for the kennels?

13-May-07, 10:15
Hi there, we put our male puppy into Ramscraigs just last month while our female was in season. He is only 6 months and he got on really well, was very impressed with how he was cared for as i thought at that age it might be a bit traumatic for him but it hasnt affected him at all.

You can find the details here - http://www.caithness-business.co.uk/business.php?id=195

13-May-07, 15:43
We have used ramscraig in the past (when we have ever gone anywhere) and they have always been brilliant. I would always recommend them to anyone needing to use the kennels but as it is really popular i would suggest booking well in advance as they can get busy especially at holiday times! make sure you have the kennel cough and the jabs up to date as well!

22-May-07, 17:58
I have just been told about this thread and had a look. Well thanks very much for all the compliments, it is nice to know that we are appreciated so much.

I know it is difficult to book into the kennels at school holidays, especially at short notice. The good news is we have planning permission for more kennels and we hope to start work shortly. More good news, all of the kennels will be totally enclosed, thereby making it far more comfortable for the dogs and saving on the heating bills. All the guests will still be exercised out the large compound just the same, come and have a look and we will be more than happy to explain the plans fully.