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04-May-07, 14:58
Hi Folks,
Does anyone in the Thurso area grow herbs in their garden? If so, would you let me come and take some pictures of them? you'll have to tell me which is what though as i know what mint and parsley look like, but other than that i am a no brainer lol.
I am particularly interested in Rhubarb, Comfry, Tansy, Thyme, but anything else aswell and i promise not to stand on them ;)
pm me if you can help me out :)

04-May-07, 15:15
Hi Tugmistress, well I'm probably a bit far away and the only things I have lots of growing here is rhubarb - but's there's plenty of rhubarb! If you can give me an idea what sort of photo you're after, I'll be happy to snap some photos and email them to you - I've no problem with signing the rights over to you as well if it matters :)
kind regards

09-May-07, 21:18
Hi Tugmistress

I have Rhubarb growing in my garden, it was planted last year so it is not very big, I am only up the road from you though so you are very welcome to pop in.

10-May-07, 11:24
I used to grow sage, thyme, chives, parsley, basil and rosemary - they all did well and grew for two years but then the weeds took over so only the sage remains! I got them from the Castletown garden centre, they are very good and will keep you right.

10-May-07, 11:32
i have a basil bush in a pot, if you want a photo of it. it lives outside, and its spells really loveley when you crush a few leaves.
i was planning on using some of them this year. just need to find out if i can just use them straight from the bush