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02-May-07, 19:22
hiya guys
as you may know, we are looking for a pup.
idealy we wanted a lab,
we have dithered and thought.. should we shouldnt we.. and finaly came to the yes.. we want a pup.
the main thing is temperment.. i need a pup that will be happy with children crawling all over them.
soft mouthed is a must,
hubby dosent want a collie.. oh the list seems endless dosent it!
but at the end of the day this is a pet that will be with us for years and years.
anyone out there know of any pups or young dogs going male or female?
let me know..

07-May-07, 23:40
Have you tryed www.labrescuecaithness.co.uk (http://www.labrescuecaithness.co.uk) they will find any dog you want and in return all they look for is a donation to help with there organisation they also sell burns dog food too the and they will deliver to you also ok you will find there phone number on there site Carolyne belong to caithness ok good luck

11-May-07, 02:02
Brandy, there is a beautiful black labrador 8 years old on lab rescue site looking for a home. He looks lovely and it says he is good with children.I have one like it, very easily trained and great company. you can always borrow mine sometime to see how you get on!! He loves company.

11-May-07, 19:17
Hi Brandy
if your prepared to wait about 6-8 weeks, my sisters dog has just had 10 pups, labX. i dont know what her plans are regarding homing them but i cant see her keeping them all!!!!!!

pm me if you want to concider it and ill pass the messge on to her.


ps - i gather you decided against Bingo!!!! cant say i blame you, he is a major handfull!!!! lol

15-May-07, 21:14
Lab rescue have had some lovely dogs which have gone to very caring homes. I have seen one who is so happy with her new owners, lots of walks and cuddles. A labrador is quite a lot of work, they need long walks and like to chase and fetch things.
Lab rescue are very particular where their dogs go and quite rightly so. they vet the new owners and go and visit them in their homes first which is a good thing to do, so that the new owners will not just keep the dog for a short while and hand it back.
I beleive there is a waiting list for labs but Im not sure.

15-May-07, 21:41

A question? Are you at home all day? The reason I am asking this is because a lab pup is a lot of work and will you have the time to put into the pup with small children to look after as well?

I had my lab before my children came along so she was already trained and settled and put up with lots of climbing arms and legs and was as good as gold. However I would never put a pup through that so you have to think really carefully. A labrador is an excellent choice for temprement, but this doesn't mean that it should have to put up with children climbing, pulling, poking, prodding at it. Another breed might not be so willing and happy for this kind of life.

An older dog is a better idea however Lab rescue will really need to do their homework to make sure that they match up the right dog to your family so that you can be safe in the knowledge that your kids are fine with the dog. I'm sure you have heard everyone's opinions about leaving kids and dogs together and a whole list of others but having had labs for years and having kids I know what it can be like. Labs are generally a fantastic dog but without the proper care and attention they can be a nightmare and cause a lot of destruction.

I hope you find a dog or solution that works for you and your family.

15-May-07, 22:57
at the moment im still on mat. leave. but when i do go back to work i will be only working 16 hours a week around hubbys schedule.
so one of us is allways here, as we dont put the kids to a childminder,
my kids are 4 and almost 3
so even though they are old enough not to poke and prod, they are still very little and yes im sure they will be some tugging.
just as im sure their will be some puppy nawing.
the puppy will have a crate in the house so either it or the kids *EG* can be seperated when needed, or pup wants a break. and queit time away from everyone.
im not a stranger to pups and i do know what the responsibility of them are.. *grins* besides cant be any harder that raising kids.. and my boys are still mostly in one piece *laughs*
mostly that is!

17-May-07, 00:25
Brandy I am glad to hear that your kids are still in one piece :lol:

It sounds like you have given it a lot of thought already and an almost perfect set up for a Lab. A rescue lab can make a wonderful pet and can possibly save on the time it takes to train and settle them into family life. However, you must find out the exact reason why it is a rescue Lab?

A puppy would be raised around your family and lifestyle and you would have an almost blank canvas to work with. You will get out of the dog as much as you are willing to put into it with regarding training, socializing, cuddles, house training etc, this can apply to both although could be harder with an older dog that has had problems.

If you buy a lab puppy PLEASE make sure that the parents have been hip and/or elbow scored and both have current clear eye certificates. There are a lot of Labradors around that are having eye problems because the parents have not been eye tested. There are a lot of lab puppies available from non health tested parents and while some can make wonderful pets it's not in the best interest of the breed for this kind of breeding to continue.

An excellent site for info is www.labradorforums.co.uk (http://www.labradorforums.co.uk)

17-May-07, 07:59
thanks for the link hun..
as we are in no massive hurry to grab a pup.. have learnt my lesson of seeing a cute puppy and going awwww...
this time we are slowly ambling along, talking to breeders.. harassing everyone i see with a lab *grins* i dream about dogs at night now ive read so much!
its just a case of when we find the right one.. we will know!
thats the idea at any rate!
ive given my name and number to several breeders, done a lot of looking on champdogs and kennel club. and told them what we were looking for, and if they come across what we need they will give us a call.

17-May-07, 11:08
Thats great news that you have looked in all the right places.

I may have a litter of black pups available in the summer and I know of a breeder who is planning a litter of chocolates. All of these dogs in question have had all their health tests with good results. We are also both listed on Champdogs under breeders so we shouldn't be hard to find!

I'm not trying to sell you a pup but just give you options and to decide what TYPE of Lab you want as they do come in all shapes and sizes now. At least this way you can have a look round and take your time to decide what's the right dog for you as they will hopefully be with you and your family for 13 years or so.

If you want any other info please feel free to pm me and I'll answer whatever questions you may have.