View Full Version : Gunnera

01-May-07, 15:04
I bought a gunnera last year and it has survived our winter in the garden. Just wanted everyone else to know so that they may have the confidence to get one.

01-May-07, 16:56
Yup mine survived as well, as did my tree ferns and fig tree, really very surprised but happy.

01-May-07, 17:31
Yep, mine survived for the last few years right out in the open without any protection whatsoever.
We have a stream that runs through our proprty and I came across one that is underneath some trees and grows huge. :)

02-May-07, 14:01
has anyone seen the Gunnera at Dunrobin?

02-May-07, 15:09
They have gunnera for sale at Castletown. They didn't last year, mind you he does try new things there.

02-May-07, 18:05
has anyone seen the Gunnera at Dunrobin?

Yep, amazing isn't it? Hope mine grows even half that size.

I have a Fatsia just stuck right out in the open ground here too and even thats doing really well. The wind batters it in the new year a tad but it comes back with a vengence. :)