View Full Version : Wallace is missing

30-Apr-07, 08:59
Wallace is missing from his new home in Traill street, Castetown :~(
He went missing on 25th April.
Theres a lionk to a picture of Wallace on the caithness cat protection website.
Please if anyone has seen him please contact either myself or Liz. We're extremely worried about Wallace's safety as he won't know where he is. :~(

02-May-07, 11:55
has wallace been found yet?
I hope he is ok!
I rescued my dog and didnt let her of the leash until i was sure she would come back even then i only let her of in my parents garden for a month until i was really sure!

02-May-07, 13:18
Afraid Wallace is still missing and we are really worried about him.:(

05-May-07, 13:49
Still no sign. :(
Can everyone please keep looking. Someone somewhere may have him without realising - hopefully! :(

05-May-07, 14:50
i hope u find him

05-May-07, 18:37
Thanks Ash! So do we.

He has been missing for almost two weeks now and there is absolutely no sign of him!:(
Could everyone in the Castletown area please keep an eye out for him. This poor cat has been through so much and does not deserve to end up as another stray cat![evil]

If he has settled into another new home then we would be quite happy to leave him there!

07-May-07, 19:52
just wondering if u found wallace yet?

08-May-07, 14:04
just wondering if u found wallace yet?

Afraid not!:~(

08-May-07, 17:55
Afraid not!:~(

Did you get the piccies Liz?

08-May-07, 18:00
Did you get the piccies Liz?

Yes I did thanks! Will let you know what happens!