View Full Version : A shoulder to cry on

28-Apr-07, 15:43
I'm writing here, my fellow gardeners, to rant a bit and offload..

I have such a pretty front garden..... no fence, but the low plants reach to the pavement. Sedum runs the width, then the area is covered with Wandering Jenny to retain the moisture. Hardy Geraniums and Cyclamen peep through - and many more.

It's a simple garden and easy to keep - ( I just love it )

Yesterday we were having some work done in the house, and two huge vans came with the material..... and BOTH PARKED ON MY
GARDEN !! right on the sedum and cyclamen...... flattened....
I did not notice until today.
Of course I'll have a word with the company.
But the drivers were such nice men - though careless- with no love for good things !

I just dont understand how they could drive over my border !
I feel so sorry for them .... are they blind to such things?
Yet, one man had his hair coloured blonde, and cut in a jaunty style - so he does appreciate 'special/ different'... I thought he looked quite handsome and offered him tea!

Now, that's me finished, dont reply just keep enjoying your garden !! This is a busy time.