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26-Apr-07, 09:51
Although this pup was stolen from Doncaster, it's worth mentioning on here as you never know who's looking in.


11 wk old Great Dane Male puppy. Georgie is an unusual colour in that he's a blue merle / harlequin.
He has a scar approximately 1" long in his inner ear lobe.
Georgie was stolen along with his owners Dark Blue Nissan Navara at approximately 10.30am on 23rd April in Bessecarr, Doncaster.

If you hear anything at all phone Tania on 07742407119 / 07778047754

or you can pm me or email me.[evil]

26-Apr-07, 10:04
What a gorgeous wee puppy. I hope he is found safe & well.

26-Apr-07, 18:17
Georgies been found in a B&Q car park and is now at home safe and well. :D

26-Apr-07, 20:30
Thats great news :D